The Company’s Main Services

The LP Trans provides the following range of services involving rail freighting using a specialised fleet of rolling stock built for bulk cargos shipments and allied deliveries along both Russian domestic and international rail routes:

  • services based on the provision of the company’s own wagons for shipping goods on the behalf of clients or their sub-agents.
  • payments and financial services including the set-up and payment of railway tariffs, fees, payment of disbursements and other necessary items for the transport of goods from carriers and freight forwarders (payments for freighting charges).
  • freight forwarding services including information services, including progress information about cargoes and their routing to their end-destination; information about the location of both loaded and empty wagons chartered or planned for the carriage of the client’s wares; and the provision of such other information as may be of use when providing the organisation of freighting services.

In case of necessity we are able to offer the following services to clients:

  • washing wagons after the cargo has been unloaded.

This can be provided if the client needs assistance in washing the wagons once the goods have been unloaded.

  • the provision of wagons at the loading or unloading stations for longer than the periods specified in the contract.

This can be provided if the client needs additional time for the loading or unloading operations beyond the periods specified in the contract.